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  Pesach in Seoul, South Korea  
  Tefillin in Seoul, South Korea

Students Dovid Goldenberg and Sholom Meyer recently flew to South Korea to help Rabbi Litzman conduct Pesach activities for Jews in that country. Join them as they describe their experiences in a foreign country with a very different language and culture.

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  Pesach in Shenzhen, China  
  Pesach Seder in Shenzhen

Students Ephraim Block and Eli Einbinder recently travelled to Shenzhen (China), and already began their activities on a layover in Hong-Kong. Read all about their Seder experiences and outreach efforts, including a tennis tournament and an unexpected Tehillim discovery.

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  Pesach in Taipei, Taiwan  
  Pesach in Taipei, Taiwan

Join students Mordechai Gutnick and Zalman Plotke as they devote their Pesach break to reaching out to fellow Jews in Taiwan. Although Chabad's permanent presence in the country is less than a year old, it is already generating a spiritual revival.

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  Lag B’omer with YG  
  Lag B'Omer with YG - 5772

This past Lag B’Omer, students of the Rabbinical College celebrated at the Chabad House of Bentleigh, with a barbecue dinner followed by a Chassidishe Kumzits (sing-a-long) around the bonfire, and a farbrengen led by the head Mashpia of Yeshivah Gedolah, Rabbi Yaakov Winner.

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  Farbrengen with Rabbi Ceitlin  
  Farbrengen with Rabbi Ceitlin

Rabbi Ceitlin spent two years at the Yeshivah Gedolah in Melbourne, where he served as a member of the fourth group of Shluchim. Today, he directs several Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in Tzfat. Here, he recounts how his determination to fulfil one of the Rebbe’s directives overcame all obstacles.

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  Passover-Australia Report 5772  

Passover-Australia is a project of the Rabbinical College, and is organized and conducted by its Shluchim. Inspired by the call of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to ensure that every Jew has a place at the Pesach Seder, the Shluchim reached out to Jews in remote locations across the country, providing them the means to experience and celebrate Passover.

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  Kovetz Heoros  

The Rabbinical College of Australia & NZ publishes a periodical containing the students’ thoughts and insights in their studies, including the following subjects: Likutei Sichos, Gemoro, Halacha, Rambam, Chassidus, Chumash and other topics. The Shovuos edition is now available online.

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Reb Zalman Memorial

4 SIVAN 5772
25 MAY 2012

In this issue

  • Pesach in Seoul, South Korea
  • Pesach in Shenzhen, China
  • Pesach in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Lag B'Omer with Yeshivah Gedolah
  • Farbrengen with Rabbi Ceitlin
  • Passover-Australia Report
  • Kovetz Heoros

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