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Striving for academic excellence

Bal Peh program

In addition to the standard curriculum, the Rabbinical College offers an elective “Limud Bal Peh” (learning by heart) program, aimed at encouraging our advanced students to learn and memorize large sections of the Talmud ...
Click here for more information about the successful conclusion of last year's program, and here for more information about the current program.



Rabbi Boruch Lesches visits Yeshivah Gedolah

Rabbi Boruch Dov Lesches currently serves as the rabbi of the Chabad community in Monsey (New York). During a recent visit to Melbourne, Rabbi Lesches devoted much of his time inspiring the students. Rabbi Lesches delivered two Tanya Shiurim to all of the students, and two advanced Shiurim to the Shluchim explaining the history and methodology of Hemshech Ayin Beis. Rabbi Lesches also led a Farbrengen for some of the students, emphasizing the importance of using one’s gifts to assist and inspire one’s fellows, and about properly utilizing one’s time at Yeshivah as a foundation for life.

Click here for more information, and for excerpts from the Shiurim and Farbrengens.



A farbrengen is a Chassidic gathering in which the participants inspire each other, in the spirit of true ahavas yisroel (love for one's fellow jew), to lead an exemplary Jewish life. In this new series, we offer you a small sample of the farbrengens that our students attended. What a Hasidic farbrengen can achieve, even the angel Michoel cannot achieve!"

Feller_Small.jpg Army Drill!
Rabbi Yitzchak Shlomo is a successful businessman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During a recent visit in Melbourne, he shared some of his experiences growing up in Israel. These were subsequently recounted at a Farbrengen at the Rabbinical College:

Click here for more.


Shluchim & Students

Melbourne recently welcomed its newest group of student Shluchim to the Rabbinical College of Australia & NZ. Shortly before the arrival of the new Shluchim, all students boarded a bus for the forty-five minute drive to Melbourne’s Tullamarine International Airport, in order to personally greet the Shluchim. When the Shluchim appeared, the airport arrivals hall filled with song as the Shluchim and Bochurim broke out into a dance. For more details and photos, please click here.

Aron Levitz is currently stationed in Ungvar, Ukraine, where he is helping the local Jewish community spread Yiddishkeit. Aron studied at the Rabbinical College of Australia & NZ last year, and in this letter, one can feel how Aron's past experiences at the College are currently serving him in good stead. The full letter, and photos, may be read here.


Upgrade to Building Facilities

The Hanholo office was recently renovated in order to accommodate the increasing number of academic staff. The office interior was expanded, and the office furniture and facilities were upgraded. Construction was carried out during the month of Tishrei, in order to minimize any disruptions to the academic schedule. We thank the generous sponsors of this important project. More information is available here.

13 KISLEV 5772

Bal Peh program

Monsey rabbi visits

Rabbi Shlomo

New Shluchim
Regards from Ungvar

Upgrade to facilities

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