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Students complete Masechta

The students of Shiur Gimmel recently completed Masechta (tractate) Tomid during the afternoon Girsa Seder. They began learning the Masechta in conjunction with the period of the year known as the "three weeks", and spent several weeks learning it in-depth. Their study was highlighted by a daily multimedia presentation prepared exclusively for the Rabbinical College of Australia & New Zealand, which has been developed and enhanced over the last six years. Another highlight was a hands-on presentation of the internal anatomy of a sheep, knowledge of which is requisite in order to properly understand a certain section of the Gemoro (Tomid 31a).
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Chassidus Shiurim

At the beginning of 2011, Rabbi Yossi Schneier was appointed to the position of Mashpia (Chassidic guide and mentor), joining Rabbi Yaakov Winner in lecturing and teaching the Chassidus curriculum. One of the innovations introduced by Rabbi Schneier is a new methodical approach to assist the students’ comprehension and analysis of Maamarim (Chassidic discourses) studied at Rabbinical College. Over the course of the year, Rabbi Schneier compiled and published a series of booklets that classify and clarify the concepts elucidated in each Ma'amar. These booklets are available online, and future booklets will G-d willing be posted online as they are published.
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"Rambam 7:40"

Several years ago, the “Rambam 7:40” club was founded by Shluchim of the Yeshivah Gedolah of Melbourne, in order to encourage Yeshivah students to learn the daily quota of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah (Maimonides' compendium of Jewish law), as per the Rebbe’s instructions. At a Farbrengen held on Motzei Shabbos Chai Elul, “Rambam 7:40” marked the conclusion of a seven month program which offered the students first rate incentives for learning Rambam daily.
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News & Events

Mishmor 5771

The Shluchim recently concluded a very successful year of Mishmor. Every Thursday night (from 7:30 to 8:30), school boys aged 8-13 attended Mishmor at the Rabbinical College. The program included study, stories, games, snacks and raffles. To mark the year’s end, the boys were rewarded with a juggling show by Nochum Greenwald and Shmuely Lipskier. The boys had a great time, and are already waiting for the start of “Mishmor 5772".
Click here for more information, and for photos of the event.

Shlichus Roundup 5771

As the current Jewish year (5771) draws to its conclusion, we salute our Shluchim for the pivotal role they play in Yeshivah Gedolah and in the Melbourne Jewish community at large. Click here for a brief roundup of their activities this year.
We thank our Shluchim their tireless efforts, and wish them much success in all of their future endeavours.

24 ELUL 5771
23 September 2011

Masechta Tomid
Chassidus Shiurim
"Rambam 7:40"

News & Events
Mishmor 5771

Shlichus Roundup 5771

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