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As per the Rebbe's directives, we devote this issue of the YG connection to a summary of our Chanukah activities.


"Those who perform Mitzvos should be publicized through printed reports and photos ... by Yud Shevat - the Hilulah of the Frierdiker Rebbe!"

(Free Translation of the Rebbe's address on the 8th night of Chanukah, 5746)


"It is a Mitzvah to publicize those who do Mitzvos. Especially, as our Sages explain 'If Reuven would only know what Hashem writes about him...' Publicizing such deeds encourages and adds excitement in all of these activities. Therefore, it is appropriate that photos of the Chanukah activities be sent in - in order to publicize them in print!"

(Free Translation of the Rebbe's address on the 6th night of Chanukah, 5747)

  Letter from Mivtzoim Director  

Mordechai Rubin, our current Mivtzoim-Outreach Coordinator, provides a summary of the recent Chanukah Outreach Campaign, which included distributing Menorah kits, Chanukah Gelt, holiday guides, and most importantly ... the warmth and light of Chanukah!

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  A Chanukah Story: A Window of Opportunity!  
  YG Chanukah Story

Join three Yeshivah Gedolah Students on their Chanukah adventures. We hope you enjoy the story; it is just one of the many stories that occurred on Chanukah Mivtzoim this year.

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  Mivtzoim Photos  
  Chanukah Photos

During Chanukah, students made their way through the streets of Melbourne, visiting office buildings and homes, helping those who had not arranged their own Menorah in time for Chanukah. Here are some photos.

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Reb Zalman Memorial

10 Shevat 5775
30 JANUARY 2015

In this issue

  • Letter from Mivtzoim Director
  • A Chanukah Story
  • Mivtzoim Photos

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