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We take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy and kosher Pesach.


  Torah Fusion  
  Torah Fusion

A brief look at the subjects studied this semester at the Rabbinical College. These include Iyun & Girsa Talmud studies focussing on a variety of Jewish legal and ethical issues, and Chassidus studies examining the inner dimension of the soul.

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  YG Capital Works  

The Rabbinical College is launching its most ambitious project yet — a major extension and redevelopment of its Alexandra Street campus. When completed, the new works should ensure that the College is well equipped for the foreseeable future to maintain its reputation as one of the world's premier Jewish tertiary colleges.

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  Purim in the Bush  
  Purim in the Bush

Over the Purim weekend, 1,100 Venturer scouts aged 14-18 attended an annual fun packed activity weekend near Drouin Victoria. As this coincided with Purim, three students of the Yeshiva Gedolah travelled to the campsite Purim morning to read the Megillah for a dozen Jewish Venturers from around Victoria.

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  Mivtzoyim Roundup  
  Chanuka Parade

Friday weekly Mivtzoyim has expanded to over 50 routes. Chanukah outreach efforts focussed on Bentleigh, Brighton, East Brighton, Moorabbin, and the CBD. Purim activities included the distribution of 1,000 Shalach Manos, and 75 Megillah readings with over 1,500 participants.

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Rabbi Mutty Fogelman is the Executive Director of the Chabad Terror Victims Project which assists victims of terror and war in Israel. At a recent Farbrengen, Rabbi Fogelman shared an incident involving his father, which took place in the "early years" of the Rebbe's leadership.

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  Matzah Distribution  

The Rabbinical College recently packed and distributed over 1,800 Shmura Matzos amongst the wider Melbourne Jewish community, as part of the broader Australia-wide outreach efforts in the leadup to Pesach.

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  Kovetz Heoros  

The Rabbinical College of Australia & NZ publishes a periodical containing the students’ thoughts and insights in their studies, including the following subjects: Likutei Sichos, Gemoro, Halacha, Rambam, Chassidus, Chumash and other topics. The Nissan edition is now available online.

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  Annual Photo  

Our website features an extensive "Annual Photos" section, which contains most of the annual photos since the founding of Yeshivah Gedolah. Several Shluchim and Kinus Hashlichim group photos are also available. View the most recent group photo (5773) here.

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Reb Zalman Memorial

11 NISSAN 5773
22 MARCH 2013

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  • Torah Fusion
  • YG Capital Works
  • Purim in the Bush
  • Mivtzoyim Roundup
  • Farbrengen
  • Matzah Distribution
  • Kovetz Heoros
  • Annual Photo

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Pesach 5773 will see groups of students travel to many parts of Australia and Asia.

The students will arrange seders, offer guidance and encouragement, and provide religious items.

For more details, visit the Passover Australia website.



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