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We take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy and healthy sweet new year, and well over the fast.


  Torah Fusion  
  Torah Fusion

A brief look at the subjects studied this semester at the Rabbinical College.

These include Iyun & Girsa Talmud studies focussing on a variety of Jewish legal issues,and Chassidus studies examining the inner dimension of prayer as well as the constructive purpose of obstacles.

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  Torah & Technology  

Recently, the Rabbinical College embarked on a new initiative to encourage and assist its Shiur Beis students further develop their Gemoro skills, through the integration of iPads into the existing learning routine. The students are enthusiastic about the merger of millennia-old Gemoro study with the power of modern mobile technology.

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  Preparing for Yom Tov  
  Skyping Rabbis

A special highlight this year was a series of innovative and inspiring Skype videoconferences, led by internationally renowned rabbis and speakers. They addressed the students about the significance of the High-Holidays, and shared some personal reflections.

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  Annual Shabbaton  
  Annual Shabbaton

During the winter, students enjoyed a Shabbaton at Log Cabin Camp, a rustic bush resort located at scenic Creswick, a two hour drive from Melbourne. The Bochurim were refreshed and reinvigorated by the inspirational Shabbaton.

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During the past several months, the Rabbinical College has been privileged to host a number of Farbrengens led by internationally renowned rabbis, leaders and lecturers, including: Rabbi Shea Hecht, Rabbi YY Jacobson and Rabbi Chaim Miller.

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  Mivtzoyim Dinner & Thank You  

Each Friday afternoon, students of the College take part in Mivtzoyim, visiting workplaces, shopping centres and offices to share a word of Torah, and to encourage their fellow Jews to fulfil an extra Mitzvah. At a recent dinner, over fifty people regularly visited on Mivtzoyim gathered to thank their Friday Mivtzoyim volunteers.

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  Kovetz Heoros  

The Rabbinical College of Australia & NZ publishes a periodical containing the students’ thoughts and insights in their studies, including the following subjects: Likutei Sichos, Gemoro, Halacha, Rambam, Chassidus, Chumash and other topics. The Elul edition is now available online.

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  Annual Photo  

Our website features an extensive "Annual Photos" section, which contains most of the annual photos since the founding of Yeshivah Gedolah. Several Shluchim and Kinus Hashlichim group photos are also available. View the most recent group photo here.

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  Global Impact  

The "L'Chaim Weekly" is a weekly newsletter published in the USA by the Lubavitch Youth Organization, with a readership base numbering in the tens of thousands. Recently, "L'Chaim Weekly" picked up on several articles published in "The YG Connection", and reprinted them in several issues. We are grateful for this opportunity to have a positive global impact.

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Reb Zalman Memorial


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  • Torah Fusion
  • Torah & Technology
  • Preparing for Yom Tov
  • Annual Shabbaton
  • Farbrengens
  • Mivtzoyim Dinner & Thank You
  • Kovetz Heoros
  • Annual Photo
  • Global Impact
  • Shluchim Thank-You

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As the year 5772 draws to a close, we thank our second-year Shluchim for their tireless efforts on behalf of the College, and wish them much success in all of their future endeavours:

Mendy Begun
Shimon Dubinsky
Hirschel Gourarie
Levi Liberow
Shmuel Lipskier
Mendel Polter

We wish our first-year Shluchim much success in their Shlichus next year:

Moshe Backman
Avrohom Engel
Mendy Lieberman
Israel Ohana
Shneor Ossowiecki
Shmuel Slonim



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